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Breakthrough Coaching is delivered as a 3 Day Break Through Intensive or 90 Day Coaching Cycle (via Zoom)

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What do people have to say after working with Irina... will you be next?

"This woman has a heart of gold. If you're struggling internally to get yourself re-charged after a rough year, or are transitioning through something you know you'd be able to do faster with a mentor, don't hesitate to reach out to Irina now!
She is caring, isn't afraid to challenge you, and through her program you will completely revamp yourself to a new lighter version in ways you never thought possible!"

Trisha T.

Caitlin N.

"Thank you so much, Irina! Can’t tell you enough how life changing this breakthrough experience with you has been. Even though our sessions were over Zoom it felt like you were sitting right next to me. You made me feel valued as you listened & laughed with me. I felt so comfortable with you as if I have known you for a long time. Thank you for your commitment to my success by keeping me on track, on task & accountable 100% of the time. Most importantly, for empowering me to make the deepest changes within now, so I can finally live the future of fulfilment & happiness I want now. Thank you for your passion - you’ve help me achieve the results I’ve spent years trying to produce!"

Nadia M.

“Thank you for sharing your personal journey and inspiring others. The topics are thought-provoking and the information encouraging. I feel more confident and positive after having completed this course!”

Ernesto M.

"In these times, it's great to see someone that puts others before herself, her own needs. All this, Irina does while being a mom to 2 beautiful and talented kids, and holding a full time job. She's a hero for those that are looking for that inspiration that will help them get over the hump. I am proud to be working with her and I certainly am learning from her, even though I am considerably older than her. All that to say, her wisdom is past her age."

Rommel C.

"Irina was actually the person who formally brought me into the world of coaching and introduced me to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and has continued to inspire me since. A few years later, Irina continues to surprise me with her passion for supporting others to reclaim their life. She has a drive that is not only magnetic, but one that connects her clients and fellow coaches with a sense of purpose in pursuing their own personal freedom.
Be it in health or relationships, she creates a space for people to become present to what's possible for themselves, and bridges the gap for their motivations to make this a reality. She is up to big things in the world and brings her clients forward to shine again, for the very first time."