Everything in life is a lesson

"The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself."

- Steve Maraboli

I want you to remember to believe in yourself.. It is where it begins and ends. It is difficult to believe in self, because as children we taught to ignore the inner voice and go with what is accepted at the time. Did you know that for every time you hear a NO, and as kids we hear that a lot, you need to say YES 7 times to negate the effect of that 1 negative.

When you hear No, no, no, no you learn that it is not good when you hear that, you get punished, you get your toys taken away. And when you hear a Yes, you get a reward for good behavior, you get trained as if you are a pet you did good by following orders.

For many of us we choose to believe the society, our parents, our friends and coworkers. We are looking for rules created by the society on how to live our life, what to eat, how to dress, how to behave and so on. And we totally ignore our own inner voice. The wisdom is always there, but often times it is the ego who we hear loudly screaming when something doesn’t go our way, we immediately start thinking who is to blame. But answering that question it does not set you free, it only gives you temporary relief.

Next time something goes wrong in your life, ask yourself this question, What good is here that I presently cannot see? What gifts are here? What does it teach me? Everything that happens is only to make you better human. If this were to last forever what quality I must I embody to have a peace of mind.

Of course when we are in the middle of a situation it is difficult to see reason, separate yourself from it and look at it from the outside. What does this situation teach me? Ask that question. Everything in life is a lesson and if you treat it as such, you'll be more inclined to see what you learned from it. With every person and with every situation, you are becoming a better version of you. 

Our self talk is another concerning metric, too often we speak to ourselves like we would never in a million years would speak to a friend. Remember that you are your own cheerleader, judge, executioner, and spectator all wrapped into one. So speak to yourself how you would to an important guest, to your best friend with respect and gratitude. And most important of all remember to believe in yourself!!!


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