How Your State Affects All Areas of Your Life

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Take a deep breath while sitting comfortably in your chair, breathe slowly for a few minutes and when you're ready, close your eyes and lower and soften your gaze. Continue to dip slowly and deeply. And I would like for you to imagine that you're standing in your kitchen or the kitchen of someone you know. Choose a kitchen that you're very familiar is this that is associated with pleasurable memories. As you see various different kitchens that just flashed through your mind. Pick one. Imagine you're standing at the doorway of this kitchen and glance around it. Knowing the walls, cabinets, countertops, the floor. Imagine the appliances that are in this kitchen, the refrigerator, the stove, oven dishwasher, look at the countertops noticing things that are placed there. There may be a window, imagine the window is open and the soft warm breeze is blowing in perhaps gently moving the curtains. There are pleasant smells in this kitchen. Perhaps cooking or baking smells in the air. It is warm and inviting place. Now bring your gaze to the counter and notice that there is a beautiful wooden bowl of various fruits and you pick a lemon out of them. And then you have a nice wooden cutting board. Notice the color of your lemon. A vibrant yellow, its size and shape. You reach out and pick the lemon noticing how it feels to your touch. The skin is both smooth and slightly bumpy. You may see the tip where it was attached to the tree. Next to the cutting board you see a sharp kitchen knife. So return your lemon back to the cutting board and carefully pick up the knife in your dominant hand, holding the lemon steady in your other and cut the lemon in half. As you do this you feeling the knife scoring through the lemon skin. Slicing the lemon in half and the falls open revealing beautiful jewel like pop in neat rows. You see fresh white pulp and perhaps some drops of juice gets spilled onto the cutting board. Now take one half of the lemon and cut it again making a quarter sized slice. Put the knife down and bring the lemon quarter up to your nose. You are aware of the sharp fresh, citrusy feeling scent filling your nose. Touch the lemon to your lips, noticing the sensations. Now open your mouth and bite into the lemon. How did you feel? Did you notice? Salivating? Did you feel the bitter taste of the lemon in your mouth? Even though there is no lemon, it was all. We're all imagining it. It's not actively, physically present, yet your body reacted as if it was a real physical object in your hand. How awesome was that?

For your brain it does not matter when something you are thinking about, you're imagining the same chemical reactions occur in your brain that sends signals to your body, to produce saliva into your mouth, to react to that lemon that you have holding in your hand. That doesn't exist. So this is how psychophysiology effects and same things happen.

When you think about past traumatic emotion, a memory or event, same parts of your brain light up and produce some kind of reaction in your body, you get to explore and experience again, the pangs of anxiety, or moments of depression, or moments when you feel sad and lonely and broken down. You get to re experience it all again. Why would you want to do that to yourself, you can take control over your mind, you can become better you can recover, as soon as you realize that is possible for you.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. So, just a lemon exercise that you did. If you can feel the lemon even though it's not real, but with your mind, you were able to see it in your mind's eye, you were able to experience what it feels like. Even your body reacted as if it was real. Our emotions, when we are holding on to them, when we're not letting them out and releasing them in a nurturing way become hard burdens to carry.

If you don't release your emotions, if you're holding on to your negative emotions of fear, suffering, grief, loss and pain, if they are not released in the long term, they can manifest as a disease. Disease is something that is we are not at ease. Because our body is an "incredible machine". Because think of it, if you scrape your knee today and it is bleeding. In a week's time, your body is going to form a scab. And it will heal by itself. So it's an incredible machine. It's incredible. It has incredible powers and you are in charge of it.

Another thing is to keep in mind is you only have this one body for this lifetime. If you want to keep that body operating at optimal position, optimal efficiency. Don't you want to treat it well? Don't you want to feed it good thoughts? Great food, exercise it just like for example, you have a Ferrari, a high performing vehicle? What kind of things would you put in it? How often would you check gas? How often would you check if you need an oil change? Or if you need to change your wipers? How often would you do a test to make sure everything is performing? How often would you go clean the car? All those things you are doing because you want to have an amazing vehicle. So it feels amazing to drive that vehicle right. So similarly with your body, this your feelings and your emotions you want to if you want to be operating at optimal efficiency, being happy, being fulfilled, being energized, going for it. You need to protect your mind from negative influences. Whether it's your family, whether it's your circle of people who you surround yourself with, whether it's the food that you put in your body. The next time you take that bag of chips, ask yourself: Would a high performing vehicle like if you were a high performing would you feed the cheap kind of a gasoline in your car? Would you do the same for your body, what you put in the same thing you can expect or put out. You are what you become by consuming, the food, the exercise, the emotions. If you're watching negative news, if you're watching negative horror movies, it's what you put in, in your system in your body in all of your senses, because we are energetic human beings. And we have four states of being physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. And all of those bodies, what kind of environment you're in, what food you consume, what information you receive, it all becomes important and how you operate in all areas of your life. And when it comes to break up, when you feel broken, when you feel lonely, when you feel leaving in the fog, or of unclarity and not knowing what next step to take.

Sometimes you just need to take a breather, but not to get ourselves on the same roller coaster of those emotions of grief and sadness and loneliness and realizing that, yes, life is not all rosy.

But life is what you make it out to be. Every morning, you have an opportunity to wake up and live an amazing day. It's up to you to decide to have the day for yourself. Nobody is gonna come and save you and rescue you until you decide to rescue yourself you decide to pick yourself up and bring yourself forward and do the things that matter to you. So every day is an opportunity to have an amazing day. 

To feel happy again to feel content because at the end of the day, isn't that what everyone wants is to be happy? Remember that you are limitless. You have everything that is necessary within yourself, all the answers, everything that comes, the good, the bad and the ugly. All these things can be opportunities for growth, a lesson to be learned and move forward. There is no failure, only feedback. 


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