Supercharge Your Brain - 10 Biohacking Tips From a Neuroscientist

Sometime ago I was listening to Mindvalley podcast with @kwilleumier Dr. Kristen was sharing about her new book Biohack Your Brain. I was already practicing many things mentioned in the book, just got another confirmation about efficacy backed by science.

If you want to improve your brain function then here are the 10 tips for you to do so:

1.Brisk Walk - not only it improves your body but has tremendous benefits for your mind. I like to begin my day with a walk. It wasn't always easy, but once I started, I kept at it, little by little, building a habit. It has been 5 years and now it is something I can't live without. Walking is a great opportunity to habit stack. Listen to your favorite book, a podcast or an upbeat track to get yourself instantly in a great mood. Motion creates emotion. You can change how you feel once you start moving. Walking in nature also promotes ease of mind as you ponder on that tree, or flower or a beach shoreline.

2. Blueberries - eat 1 cup a...

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