Psychology of Belief

“Because [marriage is] a relationship between two people and there's always two sides of the story and you come from different backgrounds, yes, we have to make compromises but sometimes there are some compromises we cannot make because they go against our beliefs. And if we diminish that, if we stay quiet, then a year later we realize we're not gonna recognize who we are anymore.” - Irina Shehovsov

Beliefs is where it all begins. What are the beliefs that we tell ourselves? What are the stories?

Belief is a state of mind, or a habit in which we trust or confidence we place in something personal. Where do they come from?  Between ages zero and seven, we have them installed, they are given by our caregivers, educators, and society, by people in our life, who surround us. We take everything as is because we don't have any critical faculty to decide whether something is good or bad. And the next seven years of our life between 7 and 14 we get to live out...

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