What is holding you back and keeping you stuck

I think one of the things that I noticed a lot is obsession over past hurts. That's what keeps people stuck most of the time. So how do we get rid of it? How do we go past it?

What happens many times is we are stuck in the past. But for our brain it doesn't matter if something happened in the past, present, or future, same parts of our brain light up when we experience something. So for a brain doesn't matter whether it's happened yesterday or right now, you get to relive the same kind of emotions, the same kind of feelings as if they're happening now. So how do you release your obsession over past hurts?

Well, number one is acknowledging that it happened. Having the acceptance, acceptance is the first thing you need to look at. That's what's happening. Accept the situation, accept what has happened, and realize that you don't have to be in that state anymore. You don't have to be stuck, because the only person is that keeping you stuck right now is you. So accept the fact...

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Do's and Don'ts After Breakup

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. -Aristotle

What are some of the things you can be doing and what are some things that are not beneficial?

Well, first of and foremost is prioritizing self care. Each day, do something that brings you joy, nurtures you, like exercise, or nutrition or meditate or cook something satisfying. It's important to not drown in your feelings. And it's important to recognize that you cannot drown your sorrows in the glass of wine, for it’s something short lived. We need to establish and practice good behaviors and routines, that are sustainable, and doing those things for yourself. Whether it's baking, cooking, singing, dancing, taking a walk, meditating, but something that will nourish your soul, and your body and your mind.

Sleep is also very important. It's restorative, it helps you cope with pain after breakup. And sometimes it can be the answer, the short answer, but it's establishing your routine, your...

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