Supercharge Your Brain - 10 Biohacking Tips From a Neuroscientist

Sometime ago I was listening to Mindvalley podcast with @kwilleumier Dr. Kristen was sharing about her new book Biohack Your Brain. I was already practicing many things mentioned in the book, just got another confirmation about efficacy backed by science.

If you want to improve your brain function then here are the 10 tips for you to do so:

1.Brisk Walk - not only it improves your body but has tremendous benefits for your mind. I like to begin my day with a walk. It wasn't always easy, but once I started, I kept at it, little by little, building a habit. It has been 5 years and now it is something I can't live without. Walking is a great opportunity to habit stack. Listen to your favorite book, a podcast or an upbeat track to get yourself instantly in a great mood. Motion creates emotion. You can change how you feel once you start moving. Walking in nature also promotes ease of mind as you ponder on that tree, or flower or a beach shoreline.

2. Blueberries - eat 1 cup a...

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3 Things To Do After Breakup

“Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.” – Mandy Hale

After being in a long term relationship for 5 years or more, you would feel lonely being by yourself. But fear not, that is a normal feeling to have. After all, you thought you had a family, being a good wife and a mom, now faced with uncertainty and pangs of self-worthiness. What you once knew, no longer applies, and you need to develop a new outlook. Often times we look for society, friends and family to dictate the rules we live by. We determine what is considered normal and what is wacky. Growing up, the idea of a family consisted of mom and dad and kids living together under one roof; divorced people were considered defaulted, void, someone who could not love anymore.

But break up changed that. Everywhere I looked there were complete families and there I was all by myself and my kids. The question raised in my...

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Everything in life is a lesson

"The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself."

- Steve Maraboli

I want you to remember to believe in yourself.. It is where it begins and ends. It is difficult to believe in self, because as children we taught to ignore the inner voice and go with what is accepted at the time. Did you know that for every time you hear a NO, and as kids we hear that a lot, you need to say YES 7 times to negate the effect of that 1 negative.

When you hear No, no, no, no you learn that it is not good when you hear that, you get punished, you get your toys taken away. And when you hear a Yes, you get a reward for good behavior, you get trained as if you are a pet you did good by following orders.

For many of us we choose to believe the society, our parents, our friends and coworkers. We are looking for rules created by the society on how to live our life, what to eat, how to dress, how to behave and so on. And we totally ignore our own inner voice. The wisdom is...

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Conquering Negative Self Talk

"Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself".

- Roy T. Bennett

There are some limitations that are put on us by factors outside of our control, such as chronic illnesses or a period of financial struggle. Sometimes, these limitations are temporary. Other times, these limitation can go on and on.

And one of the most persistent limitations that hold us back from feeling joy, making more money, achieving more goals and building the best life possible is, well, us!

What thoughts guide your day? What beliefs support your goals or don't support your goals? What do you tell yourself daily? Many times, the thing that stands between us and the outcomes we want is our mental limits, and our own restrictions that we put on our lives through the thoughts we hold closest to us.

Next time Negative Self Talk enters your mind, try the following:

Firstly, we must recognize negative self talk right when it is happening. Ask yourself, is this...

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Trying new things

How many of you regret not trying something?

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. –Jim Rohn

I was growing up a shy, timid child. I lived in an apartment building and the neighbors often wondered if my mom had children as they could never hear a peep out of me. So it was surprising for her to see when I suddenly went up on stage in the middle of a hypnosis session. The hypnotists said if you can’t unclench your hands, go on stage and they will help you with that. I pretended to not be able to do it, so that I get to experience what it is like to be on stage; and there I went together with other adults. At that time curiosity was driving me and not the stage freight. I haven’t wondered what might be, I had an impulse and I went for it.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. – Walt Disney

Do not be too timid and...

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Benefits of exercise to conquer depression

When you are lying on your couch the last thing you want to do is exercise, but I'm here to tell you that it is all worth it. Just like anything in life in the beginning you need to make an effort and just start. For years I wanted to walk in the morning, and I was the only obstacle in my way. There is the door and then the road behind it. All you have to do is open the door and walk through it.

Here are 7 benefits to why you should make exercise a daily habit:

  1. It makes you happy

Beyond the (potential) mood-lifting effects of fresh air and scenery, evidence suggests that pounding the pavement can also change the way our brains work to make us happier, or even stave off depression. “Exercise is as good as any anti-depressant I know”, Ratey claims.

December 2007, scientists from Yale University wrote in the journal Nature Medicine that regular exertion affect the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for mood. Test on mice showed that exercise activated a gene...

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